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Beato Club Prime Membership

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Renews every month, cancel anytime

$15.00 / RENEWAL

Save $30 annually by choosing this option. Renews every year, cancel anytime

$150.00 / RENEWAL

What are the membership perks?

✓ Access to 24/7 Chatrooms

Join our incredible and vibrant community for good conversation 24/7. You can discuss music, videos or anything you like.

✓ Access to Community Forum

Post in our forum to share opinions, question, start polls or to show off your playing skills with video content.

✓ 2 New Video Lessons per Month & Access to Lesson Archive

New video lessons every month, with PDF material and an archive of over 30 videos for you to enjoy.

Access to behind-the-scenes footage from the Studio

Sporadically uploaded content from the road and from inside the studio

Ever-growing PDF Archive

A PDF archive which currently boasts over 75 PDFs ready to download with new ones being added constantly

Ongoing channel support

Any amount supports what I am doing with my YouTube channel and will enable me to do more interviews with your favorite artists.