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John Bonham: Achieving The Bonham Drum Sound


  • Good stuff here Mr. Beato 👍

    Emerson on

  • If I may I would like to request a "What makes this song great?’ is the Rolling Stones song "Can’t You Hear Me Knockin’.

    Ron Cruz on

  • I need to talk to you, but cannot find your email. I recorded almost 10 albums worth of music in the early 80s on through the present… I am a songwriter, and play all instruments… A master of none. I play all styles… Folk, blues, classical, etc… I grew in the 60s and 70s… and was almost finished mixing and mastering all of the tracks, when my son got killed in a car wreck. I cannot finish the music. It is original stuff, Rick… My whole life went into this endeavor. Because of the circumstances; I no longer care about monetary gain… but only the welfare of my wife. Music meant everything to me, besides the welfare of my wife. Only she meant more to me. I will give the majority of the ownership of this music to anyone who will mix and master it for me.

    There is no ambition left in me, Rick… Only the hope that someone will be inspired enough to mix and master it for me. If you will do it… I will give you the glory for finishing it. It music filled with hope…
    in a world that has no hope. Love is all that matters, Rick. I have watched your vids, and for the love of these songs… I would give you the majority of the monetary reward for your help. Everything I am is gone, buddy, but when I see your love for music, it gives me hope for the next generation. I do not care about natural wealth… I care about my children, and the people of this world… and their hope for the future. Music meant everything to me growing up…

    I just want this work preserved…

    Yours truly, Bill Lancaster


    Bill Lancastet on

  • Here’s 2 more suggestions for the ‘What Makes This Song So Great’ series:

    (1) Jimi Hendrix — Hey Joe

    (2) Jimi Hendrix — Little Wing

    Dr. Mark Lane on

  • You said to suggest songs for the “What Makes This Song Great?” series. Here are my (2) suggestions:

    (1) CSN — Suite: Judy Blue Eyes

    (2) Led Zeppelin — Rock ‘n’ Roll ( especially because of John Bonham’s tribute to Little Richard’s drummer on Keep ‘a’ Knockin’ — as Little Richard was my FIRST Rock ‘n’ Roll love — & of course, the awesome guitar by Jimmy Page on that track )

    Dr. Mark Lane on

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