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The Darkest Scale Ever

The Darkest Scale Ever

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Keith Nitsche - November 1, 2019

I can’t remember all the information people teach me, fortunately I have a great ear and a feel for timing. My dad bought me a guitar as a teenager and lessons from Ed King. It was good bragging rights but he left town after 4 or 5 lessons. I kept pocketing the money for months until the day came and my dad said let me hear where my money is going. I knew right then I would have to teach myself. We didn’t have internet or you tube. Just hours of listening repeatedly. Now thanks to people like you. People can learn a lot faster and more accurate. Appreciate all you do. Sincerely Keith

pat yak - November 1, 2019


more interesting things for guitar!

so that is diatonic harmony for the harmonic scale?

Thank you


Jérôme Brais - November 1, 2019

Very interesting video… ( double harmonic Major ). I tought you were only in the rock’n roll music, wich I like a lot, but I’m also intersted in other kinds of “sounds”… Thank for sharingyour knowledge…

Jim stangarone - November 1, 2019

This is great, love this stuff. wrote down and arpeggiated all 45 chords, ought to keep me busy for the weekend.

richard ranieri - November 1, 2019

You are an unbelievable guitarist- truly astounding talent

charles stiebing - November 1, 2019

greetings from New Orleans! where y’at? They say that Louis Armstrong said “there are only two kinds of music: good and bad”. One of the things I admire about you is your ability to find the “good” in every style of music. Keep up the great work! May God continue to bless you and yours.
sincerely in Christ

Cat - November 1, 2019

Very cool! Going to have to watch this one a few times.

Rick Elliott - November 1, 2019

This is perhaps the most insightful linear expression of music I have ever encountered.. or may take me a month to wrap my head around this! The shear Magical quality of music forever astounds me. Thanks!

Bill Murrell - November 1, 2019

Very cool video! Now my real work begins applying it to guitar. I’m finding it provides some great new voicing options. (BTW in the chord section, I think the chord labeled Fsus4 is Fsus2 :-)

Sue T - November 1, 2019

A long way over my head, but so juicy I’m inspired to go find out more. Like coming across a gold nugget in a cave!

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