· By Aaron Shah

The Darkest Scale Ever


  • I can’t remember all the information people teach me, fortunately I have a great ear and a feel for timing. My dad bought me a guitar as a teenager and lessons from Ed King. It was good bragging rights but he left town after 4 or 5 lessons. I kept pocketing the money for months until the day came and my dad said let me hear where my money is going. I knew right then I would have to teach myself. We didn’t have internet or you tube. Just hours of listening repeatedly. Now thanks to people like you. People can learn a lot faster and more accurate. Appreciate all you do. Sincerely Keith

    Keith Nitsche on

  • aha!!!

    more interesting things for guitar!

    so that is diatonic harmony for the harmonic scale?

    Thank you


    pat yak on

  • Very interesting video… ( double harmonic Major ). I tought you were only in the rock’n roll music, wich I like a lot, but I’m also intersted in other kinds of “sounds”… Thank for sharingyour knowledge…

    Jérôme Brais on

  • This is great, love this stuff. wrote down and arpeggiated all 45 chords, ought to keep me busy for the weekend.

    Jim stangarone on

  • You are an unbelievable guitarist- truly astounding talent

    richard ranieri on

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