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  • Love it. Fabulous

    Ro on

  • Hi Rick,

    I really enjoyed hearing all the guitarists, great choices all, except maybe for Dick Dale. For your next issue of guitarists, I would like to suggest you include Jackie King. His biggest fans include Howard Roberts, John Schofield, Pat Martino, Lenny Breau, Chet Baker (who he toured with for a year), Richie Cole, Ray Charles, Barney Kessell, Les Paul, and Herb Ellis. Herb was on the board of directors for Jackie’s school, the Southwest Guitar Conservatory here in San Antonio. All of the aforementioned guitarists did seminars and master classes at Jackie’s school. Unfortunately the only one living is John Schofield who I met in 2009 while performing at the Montreal Jazz Festival with my college big band. In a conversation with John, I happened to ask him if he’d ever heard of Jackie King. He replied, “Jackie King is a monster!” Here’a a link to hear Jackie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzF_nUhgFvc -


    Jim Waller

    JIm Waller on

  • This is a great video, Rick and I love the series.

    Scott Riddle on

  • You cite several examples of virtuosity on piano and guitar..
    As a Producer how do you assess multi instrument players?

    Do you find players’ skil dimished or
    Is it a plus to have more sound options when you are laying down tracks?
    We are thinking say a great violin player who might also play the cello…

    Rand Sayler

    Rand on

  • i can’t believe i haven’t seen any of your great videos till just yesterday… i watched the one about “great guitar intros” and the next day my wife sent me a link to your video ‘what makes Bach great’ !

    BUT if you read your emails – check out your video “what makes Bach great” and read the sub-titles !

    i liked the one that mentions the ‘ROCK museum’ (should be BACH museum) AND “Bacchus” somewhere…

    thanks for all you do – i am now a youtube subscriber !

    jay gerhard on

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