· By Aaron Shah

What Makes a Virtuoso?


  • Love what you are doing! I met George Benson in Hawaii when I was 11 years old. At that time I owned every LP and recording that I could find. Of course I was totally Star struck. All I could utter at first was, (your George Benson). He gave me a very warm smile and said hy little brother how you doing? I responded with. (I think I have every album you have, and I have been trying really hard to learn everything you do!) Of course at at 11 I had some kinks to work out. Having no inabitions at that age I launched into a litany of how did you do this riff how did you get that sound? The big thing that he did that was throwing me off was the harmony guitar sound he was getting. So he took about two hours of his time with his with his wife and kids patiently waiting to explain to this 11 year old tow head how to do double stops. He has been such an inspiration to me and my career as a musician. I think what you are doing is brilliant and inspirational! I have been a recording and performing artists for most of my life. I just want to say you are never to old to learn and be inspired. You have also been a great inspiration to me. Your talent (as a player as well as a teacher) is rare. Just wanted to let you know how much I respect what you are doing!

    Sean Sheppard on

  • God bless u tube and God bless Rick Beato

    David Cavazos Molina on

  • Amazing!

    Thomas on

  • Rick,

    I’ve caught several of your videos over the past week or two and the virtuosity video and the Van Halen Effect made such a great observation of what had happened to change music. I really enjoyed your interview of Frank Gambale also… I’ve played guitar most of my life but never studied; so it’s a slow process.

    Cheers, you do great work!


    PS: My photo skills beg me to share the hint: add a “hairlight” from behind where your sitting which will separate your iconic black T-shirt from the deep shadows of the background.

    David Pandone on

  • I could binge watch your videos all day, Rick. I’ve been playing guitar for fifty years, it’s a lifelong learning experience, as I’m sure you know. Maybe someday we could have a couple of beers together.
    dude, you are awesome,
    PS maybe sometime I could send you some of my stuff. I compose and accompany myself. I call it ‘Phil plays with himself’.
    Anyway, rock on dude.
    I bought your Beato Book to support your efforts
    Best wishes.

    phil on

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