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What Makes This Song Great? Ep.15 TOOL


  • Hi brother.. I’m asim from Pakistan.. by profession I’m a music teacher. I have learnt western classic music and also North Indian classic music as well.. I’m writing a book on Emerging North Indian classic into western classic.. I need your help in this regard .. I will send you my research if you’re interested please let me know .. I shall be great full if a great teacher like you will review my research and add in it… looking forward to hear from you

    Asim Naveed on

  • Hey Rick !
    Just found your sites after doing a search for some pipe organ action and came across your tour of Bach’s hometown. (great job !) I just started my pipe organ training and was looking for some inspiration….as I delved deeper into what you offered I was completely surprised and blown away to find an analysis of a tune from my favorite band, Tool !…wondering what software you are using to separate the parts…
    I am very pleased to find a like minded individual that shares my enthusiasm for diverse genres. I am mainly a keyboardist, but have been getting guitar, both acoustic and electric (bluegrass, old-time, finger style if I have extra time, NOT ! ) bass and banjo (Scruggs style, old-time) under my belt. After a lifetime of denial, I have finally dedicated my life to music…
    I look forward to exploring further what looks like A LOT of material you have to offer. Thank you very much in advance of what I am sure will be an enlightening journey into Beato world !
    all the best,

    Rob Robertson on

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