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Nov 01, 2019 • Posted by John Kacarab

Were these guitar solo’s extemporaneous or were they written in advance It’s hard for me to know…. I can hold a tune and I have played instruments yet I never seemed to be able to ‘create’ music….. It’s really amazing to hear someone who can create it.

I have another question – would you consider showing us how the music was done on Men Without Hats – Safety Dance?

I bought your book, maybe one day, listening to you, I’ll understand it, haha…. I consider it a prized possession as I can clearly see you are a master of music.

Nov 01, 2019 • Posted by Robert Zander

These videos are great! I love your great love for music and the break downs make you appreciate the songs even more. Thanks so much!!

Nov 01, 2019 • Posted by gordon jackson

Love your musical analysis….my favourite steeley dan is ‘’glamour profession’’ from Gaucho.
Rick do session musicians get any royalties?………wold Steve Gadd get checks today for Aja.
Gordon from Australia.

Nov 01, 2019 • Posted by michelle jacobs

I don’t know how I found your site, but I’ve had so much fun watching your videos! Larry Carlton is just a bad ass musician. I had everything of his in the 70’s and 80’s. Steely Dan, they take me back to a time I was so grateful to be a part of. Thanks for the educational entertainment, you’ve got a crazy good ear and so much talent!

Nov 01, 2019 • Posted by Alex Mabute

What software are you using to isolate and hear each instrument components separately ? Thanks

Nov 01, 2019 • Posted by Gary Johnson

Did you acquire the master tracks of these recordings so you can isolate each instrument/vocal track? Or, is there some software you’re using to isolate the individual tracks? Either way, it’s a great tool for analyzing and learning the songs.

Nov 01, 2019 • Posted by Mike Duva

Thanks for the informative videos, Rick; I especially enjoyed your explanation and take on Larry Carlton’s solo. Great resource!

Nov 01, 2019 • Posted by Chris

Nice break down Rick..I sussed solo by ear a long time ago..before the miracle of social media…eventually..but this simplifies it tremendously..it is one of if not the best solo ever along with Jay Graydon Peg…do you know how long it took Carlton to get it down..I hope it was forever..make me feel better.

Nov 01, 2019 • Posted by Shadow

Rick, I just discovered your “What Makes This Song Great” videos (accidentally) on youtube, and love watching them. You and I are the same age, and our musical tastes are eerily similar. In fact, the first three episodes that I watched were, incredibly, my favorite songs from Boston (Hitch a Ride), Van Halen (Running With The Devil) and Tears For Fears (Head Over Heels). I am not schooled at all in music theory and often have no idea what you are saying about the modes, chord progressions, etc. but I still love listening to you dissecting the various elements in these classic songs. I especially like how you can break out each individual component and highlight it. Any chance of doing a future episode on Simple Mind’s hit “Alive and Kicking”, or Icehouse’s “Crazy”? Keep on rocking, Rick! Thanks for doing these videos. Shadow

Nov 01, 2019 • Posted by Mark

Really enjoy all of what you do.

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