· By Aaron Shah

What Makes This Song Great? Ep. 3 Steely Dan


  • Were these guitar solo’s extemporaneous or were they written in advance It’s hard for me to know…. I can hold a tune and I have played instruments yet I never seemed to be able to ‘create’ music….. It’s really amazing to hear someone who can create it.

    I have another question – would you consider showing us how the music was done on Men Without Hats – Safety Dance?

    I bought your book, maybe one day, listening to you, I’ll understand it, haha…. I consider it a prized possession as I can clearly see you are a master of music.

    John Kacarab on

  • These videos are great! I love your great love for music and the break downs make you appreciate the songs even more. Thanks so much!!

    Robert Zander on

  • Love your musical analysis….my favourite steeley dan is ‘’glamour profession’’ from Gaucho.
    Rick do session musicians get any royalties?………wold Steve Gadd get checks today for Aja.
    Gordon from Australia.

    gordon jackson on

  • I don’t know how I found your site, but I’ve had so much fun watching your videos! Larry Carlton is just a bad ass musician. I had everything of his in the 70’s and 80’s. Steely Dan, they take me back to a time I was so grateful to be a part of. Thanks for the educational entertainment, you’ve got a crazy good ear and so much talent!

    michelle jacobs on

  • What software are you using to isolate and hear each instrument components separately ? Thanks

    Alex Mabute on

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