Rick Beato


Nov 01, 2019 • Posted by Adolfo torrez

Hello,rick.my name is a. J. I am a guitarist. i have been a steely dan fan for a long time I admire the great guitar skills of Larry Carlton. I have been blind since birth .my question for you is what program did you use to solo each section?in kid charlamayne? Have you ever considered releasing an audio?vertion of your book? I have heard in your videos, that YouTube started demonetizing you’re playing along with prerecorded music?what does this mean?for us guitarists?!

Nov 01, 2019 • Posted by Adrian Apodaca

Rick your video is better than being at the mixing board while the band is recording. A friend owned Shangrala studio. I was around while the Band recorded The Last Waltz so I believe I know what I’m talking about. Also I could swear it was Larry Carlton playing by himself on a Friday night or two at a restaurant named The Saddle Peak Lodge in Malibu Canyon in the late 70’s. While the guitarist was playing I heard what I thought were Steely Dan licks. Thank You! for sharing such great experience and knowledge

Nov 01, 2019 • Posted by Larry

Really, really interesting dissection of a song from my all time favorite group. How are you able to separate all the parts out?

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