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  • Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery….UNTIL that ugly money thing comes up. Then it’s all about “who’s on first”. (And I don’t mean who’s on FIRST….I mean who’s ON first.)
    I’ve watched some video’s alleging plagiarism on the part of Led Zeppelin. And, yes, you can see it/hear it. Whereas, in the entire Beatles’ (joint and several) songbook(s), I think George’s “My Sweet Lord” is the only tune out of ever comes up in “rip-off” conversations.
    Sheerhan must be in a creative wasteland if he’s got TWO situations on his hands already.

    Michael Scott on

  • I just listened with much interest to your Sheeran v. Gaye comparison.

    Please listen to Seeger v. Freye in The Mountain (1991) v. You Belong to Me (1985.)

    Rip off? Lol

    Spencer Krupp on

  • I believe Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” is far more closely related to Tom Petty’s “Won’t Back Down”. And to say Smith won a GRAMMY for the song should not be considered fair as far as the composition of a supposed original song.

    J (The Scientist) on

  • Sheeran vs. Gaye!! Gee I wonder if the Judge was white. What do we expect! First they rob people in their sleep from their homes then they enslave them and treat them like fighter dogs, then they rob them of every original idea that they have. Leave them penniless if possible. Well, if that’s the American Dream, well then you can have it. The English tried that with Africa, and they tried it with us Scotts as well. Of course its OK to steal from the slaves any time you want. What about that British Invasion. The Beatles, The Stones, Led Zep. Just Steal from the Slaves. Pretty Low, stealing from someone poorer than yourself. Oh well, good thing Affrican Americans didn’t invent the Polka, they would’ve stolen that and written 5 million Polka’s. OH they did write 5 million Polka’s. Thanks Wierd Al for that!! Wil

    William Graham on

  • Is Buddy Holley’s Not Fade Away a copyright infringement of Bo Diddley’s Hey Bo Diddley?
    And how about that Zantz Fantasy Records v. Creedence Clearwater Revisited?

    Richard Burr on

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