Rick Beato


Nov 01, 2019 • Posted by Naiya

We see the same chord progressions in so many pop songs. Pretty sure a four-chord progression isn’t an infringement?

Nov 01, 2019 • Posted by Walter Stites

I assume that everyone agrees no one can copyright a common chord progression (for example, C – Am – F – G), and no one can copyright a particular “groove,” and no one can copyright a particular instrumentation. What we have here is a newer recording that copies (very closely) all those uncopyrightable elements of an older recording. If Sheeran also copied a substantial portion of the melody and/or lyrics, then he would have in effect re-recorded “Let’s Get it On” with some changes of his own, and he could be infringing. But if every time someone wrote a song that only has the same feel as something else got sued, there would be no end of it. The Beatles would have spent all their time in court!

Nov 01, 2019 • Posted by David DuMaresq

Hi Rick…. first thing that I heard in my head with this matter is, Foot in Cold Water, Make me do anything you want. What do you think?

Nov 01, 2019 • Posted by Mark Goddard

They certainly sound the same at first glance. Maybe it is inevitable that some songs sound similar simply because they follow certain chords progressions and people fall into the same rhythms and beats naturally?.

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